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The T1S-1DB is a digital smart lock from Uniview providing extreme security to permisses. This smart lock offers multiple unlocking method: touchpad for PIN input, fingerscanner for biometric authentication, and IC card reader. The panel also comes with a pair of key for additional security.

The T1S-1DB smart lock equipped with security measures:

  • 3mins auto lock after 5 consecutive wrong attempts
  • 2-way verification where users have to unlock by using a combination of 2 different verifications


  • Advanced C level lock cylinder to enhance security.
  • Anti-peep password: xxx+password+xxx, preventing password from being stolen.
  • Emergency power supply.
  • 4-way opening: Fingerprints, cards, passwords and mechanical keys.
  • Huge capacity: 300 fingerprints, cards and passwords.
  • Keypad lock: The keypad locks automatically for 3 minutes after 5 consecutive wrong passwords.


Material and Specification
Panel Material Zinc alloy
Screen Type OLED
Identification Method Fingerprints, cards, passwords, mechanical keys
Technical Parameter
Capacity 300 (Fingerprints, cards and passwords in total)
Identification Time < 1s
Fingerprint Sensor Semiconductor
Resolution 508DPI
False Acceptance Rate <0.001%
False Rejection Rate <1%
Keypad Type Touch keypad
Password Length 6~10 digits
Card Type IC Card
Sensor Distance 0~10mm
Working Voltage 4 pcs 1.5V AA batteries
Battery Life Over 10 months
Low Voltage Warning ≤4.2V
Emergency Power Supply Micro-USB
Relative Humidity 20%~80%
Working Temperature -20℃~60℃
Panel Size 385*82*35mm
Anti-peep Password Support
Indoor double Lock Support
Tampering Alarm Support
Low Battery Warning Support
Keypad Lock Support
Door Type Security door, wooden door
Door Thickness 40mm~100mm

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