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The T1G-DB is a digital smart lock from Uniview providing extreme security to permisses. This smart lock offers multiple unlocking method: touchpad for PIN input, fingerscanner for biometric authentication, and IC card reader.

The T1G-DB smart lock equipped with security measures:

  • 3mins auto lock after 5 consecutive wrong attempts
  • 2-way verification requires user to users use a combination of 2 different verifications method


  • Advanced C level lock cylinder to enhance security.
  • Anti-peep password: xxx+password+xxx, preventing password from being stolen.
  • Emergency power supply.
  • 3-way opening: Fingerprints, cards, passwords .
  • Huge capacity: 300 fingerprints, cards and passwords.
  • Keypad lock: The keypad locks automatically for 3 minutes after 5 consecutive wrong passwords.


Material and Specification
Panel Material  Zinc alloy 
Screen Type OLED
Identification Method Fingerprints, cards, passwords
Technical Parameter
Capacity 300 (Fingerprints, cards and passwords in total)
Identification Time < 1.25s
Fingerprint Sensor Semiconductor
Resolution 508DPI
False Acceptance Rate <0.001%
False Rejection Rate <1%
Keypad Type Touch keypad
Password Length 6~10 digits
Card Type IC Card
Sensor Distance <12mm
Working Voltage 4 pcs 1.5V AA batteries
Battery Life 12 months
Low Voltage Warning ≤4.8V
Emergency Power Supply Micro-USB
Relative Humidity 40%~80%
Working Temperature -25℃~65℃
Panel Size 175*75*16mm
Anti-peep Password Support
Tampering Alarm Support
Low Battery Warning Support
Keypad Lock Support
Door Type Glass door
Door Thickness 12mm~15mm

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