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The eyeWAVE™ Wireless PIR Camera Detector is a battery powered PIR detector that includes an integrated camera for visual verification and is compatible with the Agility™ 3 security system.

Upon an intrusion event, or by homeowner demand, the camera captures and transmits a sequence of images to the Agility 3™ control panel that is then transmitted via GPRS or IP communication to a remote server or to the central monitoring station software.

The images are sent to the homeowner who can view them on a Smartphone using the iRISCO App and/or on the web at www.riscocloud.com The visual verification feature enables self-monitoring and also reduces the number of false alarms, increasing peace of mind for the homeowner and saving time and resources for the central monitoring station. All images are stored on the RISCO Cloud server for future analysis if required


Battery Type 2 x CR 123, 3V Lithium Battery
Battery Life 3 year typical lifetime
Current Consumption 58 μA standby; 200 mA max. peak at capture with flash
Supervision Transmission 0-255 minutes
RF transmitting frequencies 433.92 MHz; 916 MHz for model RWX95CM4
Filtering White Light Protection
Pet friendly Up to a 36 kg (80lb) animal (pet model)
Size 132 x 67,5 x 56 mm
Weight 169 grams
RF Immunity According to EN50130-4
Operating Temperature -10°C to 55°C
Storage Temperature -20°C a 60°C
Camera Type CMOS digital image sensor
Lux 0 Lux (total darkness)
View Angle H 90° V 71°

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