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The Wireless Beyond DT detector integrates RISCO's state-of-the-art innovative technologies for optimal protection. The Wireless Beyond offers flexibility, ease of installation and auxiliary solar Swivel for unprecedented battery life.


Unparalleled Catch Performance enabled with Dual Technology

Dual Technology (DT) combines two K-band microwave channels with two PIR sensors for better catch performance and pet immunity, minimizing false alarms.

Flexible Installation

Beyond is completely wireless and simple to install in any location that lacks wiring infrastructure. Setting the most effective and appropriate range according to specific installation requirements is allowed thanks to the flexible installation of both adjustable 180° Swivel Bracket, as well as the mounting height, which varies from 1.8m to 2.7m.

Unique Detection Technologies designed for the Outdoors

RISCO Group’s Sway Recognition™ Technology recognizes and dismisses objects that sway and move repeatedly, such as swaying bushes and trees, eliminating them as intrusion events. Digital Correlation™ Technology ensures that only targets causing similar and correlating signals in both PIR channels are seen as potential threats.

Direct Sunlight Immunity to eliminate false alarms

RISCO Group’s Direct Sunlight Immunity is based on a special algorithm that ignores sudden changes in the intensity of the sunlight, thus eliminating one of the major causes of false alarms in the outdoor environment.


Coverage 12m, 90°
Installation Height Typical 2.2m
Microwave K-band, 22 dual element sensors, 2 separate lenses channels
PIR 2 dual element sensors, 2 separate lenses
Frequency 433.92 MHz
Anti-Mask detection method Active Infrared
Tamper Wall, 3-axis Accelerometer
Pet Friendly Animals up to 35cm head height
Operating voltage 3xCR123 3V lithium batteries
Battery life (Typical) 3 Years, 6 Years with Solar Option
RF Immunity 10MHz to 3GHz. According to EN50130-4
Operating Temp -25° C to 65° C
Storage Temp -25° C to 70° C
Environmental Rating IP 65
Dimensions (HxWxD) 176X89X107mm
Wireless Dual Technology Yes
Shock Based Tamper (Accelerometer) Yes
Direct Sunlight Immunity Yes
Advanced Outdoor Detection algorithms Sway Recognition, Digital Correlation

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