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The Wireless Glass Break is an additional solution for perimeter protection that detects intruders while they are still outside.

  Based on an advanced glass breaking pattern analysis of both low and high frequency channels it detects the breaking of all common glass types and thicknesses while disregarding non framed glass breakage and other sources of false alarms.

Designed for both residential and commercial environments, the Wireless Glass Break is easy to install using the supplied wall/ceiling swivel for optimal mounting and performance.

The RISCO Glass Breaking Tester can be used to aid installation. It simulates the sound of breaking glass and verifies that the detector has been installed correctly.


Current consumption (standby) 22 uA at 3 VDC, without acoustic signal
Current consumption (Alarm transmission) 10 mA at 3 VDC (Max. with LED OFF)
Modulation type ASK
Battery life 3 years, at 65 minutes supervision
Supervision transmission Every 15/65 minutes.
Address codes 16 Millions
Range (loss) 300m (1000 feet)
Voltage requirements CR123A 3VDC Lithium Batteries
Frequency 433.92MHz
Size (LxWxD) 87 x 50.7 x 28.6 mm
Operating/Storage temperature 0°C to 50°C
RF immunity According to EN 50130-4

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