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The Klickfast Mount –Magnetic allows the KlickFast system to be utilised with a wide range of clothing/uniforms. Allows Reveal cameras to be securely mounted, in a variety of positions, without the need for a harness or similar. Can be mounted on, or moved between, garments of varying thicknesses, thereby accommodating changeable weather conditions or seasonal uniform.

Available for D3D5RS2-X2RS2-X2L 8GB and RS2-X2L 32GB cameras


Length 3.34"
Width 3.34"
Depth 0.98"
Weight 9 ounces
Maximum clothing material thickness 0.23"
Detachment force at 0.5mm thickness 22 Pounds *
Detachment force at 6.0mm thickness 7.7 Pounds *

* Clothing material may also affect performance.

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