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ProSYS™Plus is a powerful Grade 3 super hybrid security system designed for the commercial sector, supporting wired, wireless and RISCO Bus installations. The state-of-the-art solution offers a unique array of benefits, including a unique single hardware platform and flexible licensing mechanism with unlimited scalability up to 512 zones. The cost-effective "pay as you grow" solution eliminates the need to purchase additional panels to support expansion.

ProSYS™ Plus includes the cloud-based iRISCO smartphone app to remotely monitor the system, integrated IP cameras for live HD video verification and "look in," as well as a full range of professional commercial and industrial detectors. ProSYS™ Plus also enables the utilization of the latest communications technologies, including multi-socket IP, 3G.


One Platform for all Applications

Searching for a security solution for a small business, office building, retail outlet, logistic center, utility, bank or remote site? ProSYS™ Plus is ideal for any size or type of application. The unique licensing mechanism offered by ProSYS™ Plus enables you to utilize a single control panel for all of your applications with maximum flexibility and scalability, enabling you to save costs and provide a winning offer to your customers.

One Platform for Unlimited Scalability

Risco Group's innovative licensing mecahnism provides you with the flexibility to start with the exact number of zones that your project requres and add zones as you need them.

One Platform for all Applications

Searching for a security solution for a small business, office building, retail outlet, logistic center, utility, bank or remote site? ProSYS™ Plus is ideal for any size or type of application.

One Platform Meets the Highest Security Standards

Conforming to the Grade 3 security standard, ProSYS™ Plus enables you to meet the most stringent security requirements of sensitive sites like banks, critical infrastructure and government facilities.

One Platform for Ease of Operations

The unique licensing mechanism offered by ProSYS™ Plus means a single hardware platform for any installation size, from small to large. This results in simplified inventory holding for the installation and maintenance teams.

VUpoint with P2P

RISCO Group’s live video verification solution that quickly and seamlessly integrates cutting-edge P2P IP cameras within all of its professional security systems and Smart Home, providing superior video verification and live streaming video on demand for residential / commercial users and monitoring stations – for unparalleled security and efficiency, and on-the-go control.

Super Hybrid: The Power of Remote Diagnostics

The comprehensive Grades 2-3 Bus detector series, developed by RISCO Group, can be combined with professional hybrid security panels, transforming the classic hybrid solution into a powerful "Super Hybrid" technology. This end-to-end platform enables remote diagnostics and control for both wired and wireless detector lines, enabling installers to maintain uncompromised levels of security using wired technologies when required, while also providing optimal conditions for installation and maintenance.

Professional Detectors For All Your Applications

RISCO Group presents our wide range of professional Grade 3 and Grade 2 indoor detectors which exceed industry standards. Our Grade3 range, which is designed for the commercial and industrial markets, utilizes RISCO Group’s unique detection technologies, offering increased reliability and false alarm immunity in even the most challenging environments and unceasingly providing the superior quality synonymous with the RISCO brand.

The Single Intuitive iRISCO App

Enjoy full control of your security, safety, and Smart Home features directly from a single intuitive app, from any location as you go about your day. The iRISCO smartphone app provides you with convenient control on the go for total life management.


EN Security Grade Grade 3 or 2, selectable
Zones 8-512
Partitions 32
Groups per partition 4
Wireless zones 256
User codes 500
Event log 2000
Programmable outputs 6-262
Account numbers 32
Reporting formats Contact ID, SIA, SIA IP, SIA + Text
Wired keypads 48
2-Way Wireless Keypads 32 Slim Keypads
Wired or Wireless Sounders 32
Proximity key readers 64
Voice module with full menu guide
  • 2-way VOX for automatic switching between listen-in and speak-in
  • Pre-recorded or user-recorded messages for zones, partitions, outputs
  • Remote operations such as acknowledge event, arm/disarm, activate output
Zone resistance Fully selectable (2.2K default)
Housing Metal
Ethernet (IP) Plug-in modules
GSM 2G/3G Plug-in modules
PSTN Plug-in modules
Unique to RISCO
SynopSYS Integrated Security & Building ManagementTM system Yes
Video verification with IP Cameras Yes
Smartphone app control including alarm notification via RISCO Cloud Yes
RISCO Bus Lines 4 independent RS485 Bus lines
Bus Test Testing every Bus segment and pinpoints faulty wiring
RISCO Bus detectors Up to 512 Outdoor, Industrial, High-Ceiling, Seismic and Commercial detectors
Remote detector parameter setting and diagnostics RISCO Bus and 2-Way Wireless detectors and sounders
Dynamic Keypad Menu Yes. Menus adapt per accessories installed, and per user/installer authority
Additional inputs Bell Tamper, Box Tamper
Configuration Software connectivity Yes


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