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LightSYS™2 is a professional hybrid security system for the residential and commercial sectors that is flexible, reliable and easy to install. LightSYS™2 supports RISCO Group’s revolutionary live video verification solution, VUpoint P2P, a cloud-based platform that utilizes IP Cameras to provide real-time video streaming in response to alarm triggers or on demand, and RISCO Smart Home – offering comprehensive user-connected solutions for homes and businesses, with an exciting growth potential for installation professionals!

LightSYS™ 2 supports 3G with multi-socket IP communication and cloud connectivity backup. Offering full flexibility, the system includes a range of communication options – including IP, GSM/GPRS, PSTN and long range radio – all installed within the main housing. LightSYS™ 2 also offers a wide range of accessories, including wired, 2-way wireless, and RISCO Bus detectors.

Now you can protect your home, business and family with a comprehensive security system that offers you so much more. Feel in control
even when you are away with an easy to use smartphone app enabling you to control the system remotely and receive notifications regarding its status.
If there is an alarm event, you or your security provider will receive video clips or still images of your home so that you can determine if there is a real threat and if you need to take further action. You can also initiate live video anytime with the touch of a button if you have any concerns, to ensure that your home and family are safe.


Professional Detectors For All Your Applications

RISCO Group presents our wide range of professional Grade 3 and Grade 2 indoor detectors which exceed industry standards. Our Grade3 range, which is designed for the commercial and industrial markets, utilizes RISCO Group’s unique detection technologies, offering increased reliability and false alarm immunity in even the most challenging environments and unceasingly providing the superior quality synonymous with the RISCO brand.

A Wide Array of Wireless Accessories

RISCO's wide array of sleek wireless accessories offer quick and easy installation. Our full range of accessories for security, safety and perimeter protection are based on unique technologies that offer ultimate reliability, for both indoor and outdoor use.

Make the smart choice with the RISCO cloud-based connected home solution

Manage your life the smart way with an affordable connected home solution that combines a Smart Home, professional security and video monitoring with easy-to-use technology for total convenience and peace of mind. Get the full package of cost-saving energy efficiency with smart temperature control, smart access of door locks and garage doors, and control of lighting, shutters, and appliances - all managed from a single, intuitive smartphone app!

VUpoint with P2P

RISCO Group’s live video verification solution that quickly and seamlessly integrates cutting-edge P2P IP cameras within all of its professional security systems and Smart Home, providing superior video verification and live streaming video on demand for residential / commercial users and monitoring stations – for unparalleled security and efficiency, and on-the-go control.

The Single Intuitive iRISCO App

Enjoy full control of your security, safety, and Smart Home features directly from a single intuitive app, from any location as you go about your day. The iRISCO smartphone app provides you with convenient control on the go for total life management.


Zones 8 - 50
Partitions 4
Groups per partition 4
Wireless zones 50, 1-way & 2-way wireless
Keypads 4, Wired or 2-Way Wireless Slim Keypads
User codes 30
Event log 1000 on board, over 2000 logged on RISCO Cloud server
Programmable outputs 4-32
Account numbers 16, 2-way or 1-way keyfobs
Proximity key readers 8
ce module with full menu guide
  • 2-way VOX for automatic switching between listen-in and speak-in
  • Pre-recorded or user-recorded messages for all zones, partitions, outputs
  • Remote operations such as acknowledge event, arm/disarm, activate output
EOL Zone resistance Fully selectable for simple retrofit
Housing Polycarbonate or Metal
Multi-Socket IP Plug-in module
Multi-Socket GSM/GPRS Plug-in module
Long Range Radio Fully integrated and programmable from LightSYS™
Unique to RISCO
Video verification with live video from integrated IP cameras Yes
Smartphone app control with live streaming video via RISCO Cloud Yes
SynopSYS Integrated Security & Building Management™ system integration Yes
RISCO Bus detectors Up to 32
Remote parameter setting and diagnostics On RISCO Bus and 2-way wireless detectors and sounders
Bus Test Yes
Adaptive Menu Tree Yes
Additional inputs Dedicated Bell Tamper and Box Tamper inputs
Wireless Expanders Up to two 32 zone expanders, can be installed inside or outside the main
polycarbonate housing
2-Way wireless detectors and sounders Yes
Configuration Software via RISCO Cloud Yes

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