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The PKR Proximity Key Reader allows you to arm and disarm the alarm system using the proximity tag and can also be programmed to perform various operations. For installation at the premises to be protected, the PKR Proximity Key Reader must be connected with 4 wires to the 485 bus of the LightSYS2 and ProSYS Plus control panels.

Each of these proximity tags is used with the PKR reader and is assigned with a system user code. When a proximity tag is presented to the reader, one or more system partitions are armed according to the system level that has been assigned to that user code in addition to the PKR reader.

Programming of the readers is performed using the Keypad. Programming of the tags is performed by the first reader programmed in the system, or by a keypad with Proximity, or by the Configuration Software.

The system supports up to a maximum of 16 Proximity Tag Readers and each of these can be individually customized to arm the entire system or only specific partitions.

This Programming and Installation Guide describes the PKR Proximity Tag Reader Installer programming, User programming and provides explanations for arming and disarming the system using the tags.


  • System Arming/Disarming from one or more remote locations inside or outside the protected areas
  • Up to 4 partitions can be armed using a single proximity tag and any combination of partitions can be selected. For example, it is possible to arm partitions 1 and 4, or partition 1, 2 or 3 only
  • A number of partitions can be armed depending on the type of proximity reader in operation and the user code assigned to the specific tag
  • All system partitions can be armed simultaneously
  • If the PKR reader is assinged to a single partition only, both away (full) and stay (partial) arm can be performed using the proximity tag
  • The same proximity tags can be used in different systems, such as in home and office systems.


Power supply 13.8 Vcc ± 10 %
Current consumption 70 mA (180 mA, max)
Max distance for Key Reader reading 3 cm
Min distance between two readers 15 cm
Identification Code 32 bit (4294 M. of comb.)
Operating frequency 13.56 MHz
Dimensions (L x H x D) 40 x 43.6 x 22 mm
Operating Temperature 5◦C to 50◦C
Operating Temperature -10◦C to 60◦C
Humidity 80%

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