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The Switching Mode Power Supply (SMPS) is a reliable, supervised power supply expansion module, for use with RISCO’s ProSYS security systems. It provides a total current capacity of up to 3A with extensive remote diagnostics features that comply with EN50131requirements. It supports a standby battery and is supervised for loss of Mains, Battery, failure of its auxiliary output power and loss of its sounder device. Up to 8 modules can be added to the system to ensure reliable operation of the system with its multiple devices and accessories. The SMPS includes two Utility Outputs, which may be separately programmed by the ProSYS as regular utility outputs.


Efficiency 93% @ 1A load, 85 % Min @ 3A full load
SMPS card dimensions (HxWxD) 90mm x110mm
Weight 0.14Kg
Main Panel Connection RS485, 3 Wire Bus, up to 300m from Main panel
Power 16.5VAC @ 50VA (via 230VAC/16.5VAC/50Hz transformer)
Rechargeable Standby Battery 12V Up To 21 Amp-Hours (AH)
Low Battery Threshold 11V
Auxiliary output 3A @13VDC
Bell/Siren output 1.7A @13VDC
Overload Protection Automatic Electronic Protection
Utility Output 12VDC @ 3A max Dry Contact Relays
Operating temperature 0°-55°C

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