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BWare™, RISCO Group’s state-of-the-art wired and wireless detector series for professional installations, scores high points for its smart and modern design in addition to its advanced technology and reliability.

The BWare™ series offers a comprehensive array of wired, wireless and Bus detectors utilizing RISCO’s industry-leading detection technologies, such as Anti-Cloak™ and K-band microwave for improved catch performance, including a unique wireless DT detector with active IR anti mask.

The BWare™ series is ideal for a wide range of commercial and high security applications, with Grade 2 and Grade 3 versions. The BWare™ smart detector family provides you with the flexibility to utilize professional detectors in any installation - wired, wireless


BWare™ smart detector line provides professional installers with the ultimate choice for high-security commercial and residential installations. The wide selection of models offer the flexibility to choose the best fit for all installation types, whether for a bank, jewelry shop, office, or any other commercial or residential site.

The BWare™ smart detector series also utilizes several advanced technologies unique to RISCO Group for superior performance:

Grade 3 for increased security

BWare™ Grade 3 detectors meet and exceed EN50131 Grade 3 standards and include additional features that increase reliability and false alarm immunity.

Anti-Cloak™ Technology (ACT) for increased catch performance

Radically increases catch performance in situations where the PIR signal becomes too weak to detect an intruder such as when intruders attempt to “cloak themselves” or in a heat wave when the room temperature approaches 37ºC.

Convex Lens for enhanced performance

BWare™’s convex lens is superior as its larger size and convex shape allow more infrared radiation to enter the detector, improving focus on the sensor and enhancing performance and sensitivity.

Green Line™ Technology for a safer environment

An environmentally friendly solution protecting occupants from surplus microwave radiation emissions by disabling the active microwave channel when the alarm system is disarmed.

Built-in EOL Resistors for ease of installation

BWare™ relay detectors include built-in end-of-line resistors eliminating the need for installers to attach resistors in the detector, simplifying the installation and saving time.

K-Band Microwave for minimizing false alarms

Dramatically reduces false alarms from the microwave channel with reduced wall penetration (“bleeding”) so that people walking in a corridor outside the protected room do not cause false alarms.


EN50131 Grade 3, Class II
Coverage 15m (50’) 90°
Mounting Height 1.8m - 2.5m
Detection Sensors K-Band Microwave + PIR
Anti-Cloak™ Technology (ACT)
Lens type Convex Fresnel Lens
Green Line™ Technology
Anti-Mask detection method Active Infrared
Extra Zone Input for Bus models
Built-in EOL resistors for Relay models Triple EOL
Tampers Gold plated wall & cover tampers
LED & Set inputs for relay models
White Light Optical Filtering Pigmented PIR cover
Temperature Compensation Patented True Temperature compensation
Operating Voltage wired models: 9 to 16VDC
Wired models Current Consumption at 12VDC 16mA (typical)
39mA (max.)
Output Contacts on relay models:
100mA, 24V, N.C
Alarm, Tamper
RF immunity: 10MHz to 3GHz According to EN50130-4
Dimensions (HxWxD) 120x64x40mm

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