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DigiSense™ is the ideal choice for both commercial and residential installations. Based on RISCO Group's advanced detection technologies, DigiSense™ is designed to assure superior catch performance and false alarm immunity.

Due to their identical and compact housing, the installer can mix and match the various technologies of DigiSense™ detectors in one installation while maintaining the same overall look.


Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

An advanced PIR signal processing technology that adapts the detection threshold according to the environment in real-time

Variable Pet Threshold (VPT)

A unique PIR processing technology for pet friendly detectors that distinguishes between intruders and pets. Together with an exclusive lens, VPT™ adapts the detection threshold in real-time accordingly to the target's crossing speed of the PIR fingers, assuring pets are ignored while intruders are detected.


EN50131 Security Grade 2
Coverage Range 12mx12m
Installation Height 2.4m
Detection Logic MW and PIR
Creep zone
Anti-masking -
Pet Friendly with Variable Pet Threshold (VPT) 34kg
Swivel N/A
Microprocessor-based Digital Signal Processing
Built-in EOL resistors Double EOL
Anti-fluorescent interface signal processing
Optional corridor and curtain lenses -
Operating Voltage 9 to 16 VDC
Optical Filtering White light protection, pigmented lens
Operating Temperature -20°C to 55°C ( -4°F to 131°F)
Dimensions 106 x 60 x 47mm

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