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AC Input
Voltage 90~264VAC
Frequency 47~63Hz
Power factor ≥0.95
Input current ≤4A@100VAC
Input protection Input undervoltage、Input overvoltage
DC Output
Voltage /Current +12VDC/25A, +12Vsb/0.7A
Output power 312W Max.
Output efficiency ≥83%@220V AC/25 A
Line Regulation ±1%
Load regulation ±3%
Regulated voltage accuracy ±5%
Dynamic response over shoot ±5%@25%~50%~25%or50%~100%~50%transient,recover time<250us
Current sharing rate ±5%
Output protection short circuitprotection, overloadprotection, overvoltage protection,hot plugprotection,Overtemperatureprotection
Indicator light Normal: green on
Abnormal: green off
Function Support for 1+1 redundant backup, hot plug and load flow sharing
Working Temperature 0~55℃
Storage Temperature -40~70℃
Relative humidity 10%~95%
Heat dissipation Ventilating fan design, heat emission at back
Dimension (D×H×W) 234.9mm × 40.13 mm ×101.6mm
Working altitude 4000m
EMC standards EN55022, EN55024
NEBS standards GR-63-CORE ISSUE 2
Safety standards IEC60950-1, GB4943-2001
Approved standards UL, TUV, CE

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