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Nowhere to Hide, Nowhere to Fly

Dedrone RF Sensors detect drones and remote controls by their radio frequency (RF) signatures. Commercial, hobbyist, and homebrew drones are detected, including the entire DJI product line​.

Start Protecting Your Airspace Now

Nearly all commercially-available drones use radio signals, both to receive control commands from the remote control and to transmit data such as video or telemetry. Dedrone has significantly improved the performance of its RF sensor to detect these radio signals.

The RF-100 detects and classifies drones via multiple, integrated software-defined radios (SDRs). Detection range can reach up to 1 mile, depending on installation and environment characteristics.

The greatest benefits for customers are:

  • Increased detection range
  • Understanding how many drones intrude into the airspace
  • Early alerting of switched-on remote controls
  • Reliable classification of drones

Easily start protecting your airspace by installing DroneTracker Software and RF Sensors at your site.


L x W x H

7.7” x 3.7” x 17.3” (195 mm x 95 mm x 440 mm)
height without antenna: 9.8” (250 mm)
Operating Temperature -4 °F to +122 °F (-20 °C to +50 °C)
Weight 6.8 lb (3.1 kg)
Ingress Protection Rating IP64
Connectivity Fast-Ethernet (100 Mbit/s)
Power Supply active PoE+ (802.3at)
Power Consumption 15 W (typ.)
Range up to 1.24 mi (2 km)
Radio Frequency Omnidirectional passive detection and classification


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