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The VideoNetBox III appliance combines the proven recording software SMAVIA Recording Server with a compact, fanless and energy efficient server hardware. Perfectly tuned components ensure excellent passive cooling and allow for the recording of up to 16 high-definition video streams at a frame rate of 30 fps. This appliance is therefore ideally suited for video security systems in shops, petrol stations or private houses, which require the highest recording quality and minimum space without any noise development.

Storage System
The VideoNetBox III has two lockable bays for 2.5'' hard disk drives on the front side. These are used exclusively for recording. The hardened Linux operating system and the SMAVIA Recording Server application are installed on a separate flash module. Equipped with two of the optionally offered 2 TB server hard disk drives, a storage capacity of 4 TB is already available.

SMAVIA Viewing Client
SMAVIA Viewing Client allows independent and convenient evaluation of the recordings over the network. The software can be installed on workstations with Windows operating system and adjusted individually. Two floating licenses for access with SMAVIA Viewing Client are already included in the scope of delivery of the appliance.

DMVC Server
The optional DMVC Server function provides access with the mobile Dallmeier Mobile Video Center app, available for iOS or Android operating systems. The display of live images and playback of recordings follow a special procedure which is independent of the recording settings of the appliance.

The optional PRemote-HD function transcodes high-definition video streams (live and playback) for transmission in low-bandwidth networks. This allows the resource-conserving access with SMAVIA Viewing Client or SeMSy® which is independent of the recording settings. The license for PRemote-HD also includes the license for the DMVC Server function.

VCA Data Base
The appliance is equipped with a database for the analysis results of Dallmeier network cameras with VCA technology. The events, objects and classes sent by the camera are stored almost real-time with the relevant metadata. SMAVIA Viewing Client is available for the targeted search and evaluation of the events with the SmartFinder function.

Dallmeier network camera is equipped with a RAM memory that is used by the EdgeStorage function for storing the video stream in case of a network failure (e. g. Spanning Tree, Bursts). When the network is restored, the SmartBackfill function ensures a fast transmission to the SMAVIA recording system. This stores the video stream with high speed and then continues the recording of the live stream seamlessly.

Open Platform
The pre-installed software SMAVIA Recording Server is designed as an open platform. Together with the according licenses, third-party network cameras can be recorded with motion detection and configured over the ONVIF protocol.


Features Hardware

  • Compact and fanless server hardware with quad-core CPU
  • Passive cooling over aluminium housing
  • Flash module for operating system and application
  • Two lockable HDD bays on the front side
  • Highly efficient system with low power consumption
  • Mounting rails and power supply included in delivery
  • Versatile mounting options

Features SMAVIA Recording Server

  • Recording of up to 16 high-definition video streams
  • Licenses for the recording of 2 video streams included
  • Licenses for access with 2 clients included
  • Licenses for the update of the software for 24 months included
  • Recording of 3rd party network cameras optional
  • Direct evaluation with LocalViewing optional
  • Evaluation with DMVC App over WAN/LAN optional
  • Evaluation with SMAVIA or SeMSy® over WAN/LAN

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