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UNV Certification Training System


Uniview Technologies is one of the top video surveillance solution providers in Australia. In order to provide more professional technical services, UNV now releases a certification training system.

UNV's training focuses on “learning for using”. The theory and practice are closely combined. From the basic knowledge of the security industry to the typical networking of video surveillance systems, combined with the overall architecture of the system, the basic video surveillance solutions are introduced in details. According to the needs of different customers, we have carefully designed the experimental courses of video surveillance in primary level, senior level and fully covered courses.

UNV Certification Training is not only a platform to certify your ability, but also a platform for mutual learning and mutual growth of UNV and customers. Certification training will also serve as a reference factor for channel incentives. Good interactive communication and training will make customers and UNV becoming stronger together.

UNV Certification Training System consists of online training in the form of videos and documents, and provides corresponding online certification exams. Engineers and technicians who pass the exam will be certified the UNV Certification Video Surveillance Engineer Certificate.

The current course available is The Junior Engineer (UCJV) course with The Senior Engineer (UCSV) and Sales Engineer (UCSE) courses to be released in the near future.

On completion of The UCJV course you will have the following knowledge:

  1. Have an in-depth understanding of UNV small and medium-sized video surveillance solutions, and can have program presentations according to customer needs.
  2. Select UNV products correctly to build small and medium-sized video surveillance systems
  3. Complete the configuration and maintenance of the video surveillance system according to user requirements.
  4. Independently complete the daily maintenance management, deal with malfunction of UNV video surveillance products

To register your interest in completing the Certified UNV Integrator Training please complete the form below.